Tuesday, 21 February 2012

When you find it Tell me

So I'm writing what I would like to one day end up as a novel (there's a lot of things I'd like to happen that don't). And then I thought, well I'd love some feedback, so why not plug it here (even though right now, no one seems to be reading anything I say. You never know how things may change). So I'm going to put the first chapter up here (which will also tell you what the story's about), and if you so wish to read the rest (there's two more chapters up at this stage), then you can follow the link below. And now that I have had my ramble I will end with a please and sincere thank you.

I sat on the bus, shaking. Shaking with what? Happiness? Nerves? I knew not which. All I knew was that I had $43.70 in my pocket and a bus ticket to a new life. But was it a new life that I wanted? My old life, it was one to envy. I have two loving parents, a wonderful sister. We never fought. My house wasn't big, but it's perfect for us. I go to a good school, good friends who say I'm smart. My life is perfect. I'm wrong with what I said. I had two loving parents, a wonderful sister. We never fought. I had a house that wasn't big, it was perfect for us. I went to a good school, and had good friends who said I'm smart. My life was perfect. It's all still there, everything still in place. The only thing missing is me.
My parents will ask questions when they see the note on the table. They'll cry. The police will be called. But I don't want them to find me.
I want to leave it all behind. A want to start again. With $43.70 and a jumper. I don't plan on going back. My only plan to make a bench my home. It's not something that you talk with your parents about over dinner. I know that my parents will always welcome me back. But if I'm lucky, I won't be forced back.
So now I sit on the bus shaking. And I wonder, what others would wonder; why would you leave everything for nothing?


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