Friday, 17 February 2012

Text Talk

EMFBI? YT? WUU2? WCA? I have a VBS coz MEGO now. SOMY?

AISB; Excuse me for butting in. You there? What are you up to? Who cares anyway? I have a very big smile because my eyes glaze over now. Sick of me yet?
So, how many people actually understood me before, my hand ain't up. The only reason I knew those was because I was recently scrolling down a website looking at all the different abbreviations used. It makes you wonder where some of them came from. 1432. Now someone tell me if you see that and think 'I love you to.' I see, 1432, and if someone was going to me they loved me with 1432, I would probably slap them and tell them to man up (more or less). You could have a whole conversation with all these different things, but I would be surprised if someone actually did.
If someone talks to me with a g8, I will spend hours trying to figure out what they're saying. But the one that I hate the most, the one that I loathe (and still don't know why), is dat. Just say that. One extra letter is not going to kill anyone, and it makes reading a lot easier. My limit is normally 'u' instead of 'you.' That is as far as I will go, and even then I won't do that all the time. Sorry, I won't do dat all the time.
So now, I have had my rant on that wonderful language, I will leave you with this to figure out.


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