Friday, 10 February 2012

Don't stress

I remember the first test where I wasn't happy with my mark. It was 64%, a mark that I would learn to be happy with in other subjects. But at that point in my life, I thought I was pefect at all. How wrong I was. Now, I look back at that mark and realise that it didn't do anything to change me. It made me a little upset, but it didn't count for anything. Nothing, nil, nada. A week later and the mark didn't make any difference to my life. So now I've realised that for five years of my education, none of it would ever matter. A test would just be a test, the next day I wouldn't be any different. It wouldn't give me any more opportunities or any less. So why did I stress so much?
Well compared to some people in my year, I was very laid-back, cramming every in the night before. And yes I failed more tests, I did well in others, but no matter how I did, it didn't make any difference. So five years of education and none of matters zilch. Oh but the learning, you might say. It gives you knowledge for the future years. Not always. Four years of science and when I can finally decide what to do, no science to be found anywhere near my choices. Why? Because I spent four years loathing it with a passion. Even after four years of maths, I go back to learning the same I was learning the first year. I would've been happy to miss those three years.
So, a test doesn't mean stress. I'm not saying it's not good to study. But I am saying that stressing gets people nowhere.
If it doesn't mean you'll die tomorrow, why stress about it?

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