Friday, 10 February 2012


I was thinking again about what next I would present to the online world, and then my mind happened across a true experience I thought I would share. As I figured out how I would word it, I realised you probably don't care. It's my life, and how many people out there would be hanging on my every word. What makes my life so interesting that even one person wants to hear the story. A comment in passing may not go amiss, but in full, who wants to listen?
So I think that I shall refrain from my life stories, for really there are barely interesting at all. I have no sad sob story, or a great epiphany that made me realise the true meaning of life. Basically, I was given everything to have the perfect life, the only thing that went wrong was me.
But I am not going to dwell into my life, which I have just said. Maybe, a true story will be found here and there, but it will hold a purpose to it, or at least in my mind it wil.
Whether you choose to read or not is not up to me.

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