Saturday, 11 February 2012

Evil Rising

Now I am very rarely in a state to write poetry. And that is why, if poetry is what you have a hunger for, you move on elsewhere. But I shall one poem, which will probably be the only poem you will see on here. It is about the seven deadly sins, which if you do not know what they are, you can find out if you read below.
These evils of which you speak

Hold me tight whilst I dare to seek

The way in which to go

To find that love that speaketh though

Wrath begins as it comes fast

Reaping the mind that it doth grasp

Envy dares to creep in next

A wary qualm with a deadly hex

Greed amounts as wishes grow

Turning into a toxic foe

Lust for that which cannot be

But never unlocking the secret key

Gluttony comes as hunger rises

Trickling in small tempting guises

Sloth will happen as pleasures appear

Taking away the little fear

Pride it ends with all that is

Facing death as life doth give

Those sins that wrap me in thy arms

To capture me in all its charms

I look on them as they see me

Evil in entirety

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