Friday, 10 February 2012

Stories and posts

I sit here and I wonder (you will find I do that a lot), what is the difference between a short story and say, a blog post. Of course there are the obvious differences, a short story has a story in it. But a post, has it's own story too. If you look hard enough, there will be a story in the words, more likely to be based on truth than fiction, but still a story.
I have read before, that to write a good story, it should be based on true experiences. I look then, at my stories, and out of the many I have, very few of them are based on truths. And the ones that are, are the ones that I, I then find them more disagreeble than the others. When I write a story of the truth, I tend to recount rather than show. And that is why you will find very little of my stories being true. Is not it nice to create a world, that is so very different from your own? To send your mind into a turmoil of the different possibilities? And is it not better to read the ventures of a different world? To imagine for that little time, that people out there really do hold the key to happiness?
So back to what I was first saying, a blog post is truth (more or less). But the truth is a story; it has been told in actions and now in words. So really, a blog post may not be so unlike a story. But the beauty of a blog post, is that there is not someone lurking over you, analysing every word, charging with their red pen.
So now tell me, did you find a story in this?

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