Friday, 10 February 2012

Those who wish to see

At this very moment, I am curious to know of the people out there. I have a tone in my voice, of elegance and charm with that unwanted hint of brashnesss, that presents in my mind the need for a statement so elaborately set, that even I do not understand the string of words put together. And that has led me to wonder of the people out there.
The people in question are you, the reader, of whichever other name of trivialties you wish to call yourself (does that sound rude, I do not intend it to be so, and yet I see it as so, I must get to that later). I decide though, that to know of the people out there, is more than hearing of one's history. I could tell of me descendants, my most delectable food, what I enjoy. But would know more of me than anyone else? You might be able to answer these questions after reading, but when asked 'who is she?' could you present an answer. And in the same, could I ask give an answer if asked of you? And my answer would be simple enough; no. One word, but it destroys people sometimes.
Oh I must now recall what I said before. Did I sound rude? You see in my mind I have this tone, I have already described it, and it makes me see things with my nose in the air, and look upon what I saw with a rudeness that may or may not be bestowed. But alas, I cannot answer that question for myself. For you, who does not hold my present air, will see it with whichever voice you may, and may therefore see it as rude.
Tomorrow I will be different though. I will look at this and be happy if no one has seen it so I can delete this post. Will I delete it though? I change my mind constantly. At one moment I am fine with something being shown, the next I am not.
Tomorrow I will have a different tone, and a tone it will be. Tomorrow what I say shall be different from what I have already said. But now I give you a challenge; take my tone, of elegance and charm with that unwanted hint of brashness, stick your nose in the air, and read this again.
Now, do you see what I see?

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