Sunday, 26 February 2012

Those Coy Little Buggers

I'm sure we all know those birds, that hang round you whilst you're enjoying a nice picnic somewhere serene. Well, the best thing, in my opinion, is to throw a rock at them. Don't worry, they'll move you hit them, and maybe (if you're lucky) they won't come back. But these birds, they're actually quite smart.
People tend to want to feed birds that are injured (from personal experience- I know that I certainly feel sorry for those birds that seem injured). But some of these birds just seem to fake it (aren't they smart). They stand there, on one foot (or in some other guise) and make everyone feel sorry for them. Throw something at them, and out pops another foot, all fine as they walk away content.
So why is it that we feel sorry for these birds? And do we see the same with people? If you saw a person with one foot would you be hurriedly handing them your lunch (I know I wouldn't). But for some reason we feel sorry those these disadvantaged birds and spoil them with latherings of food.
But hey, maybe they deserve it for their smarts.

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