Sunday, 26 February 2012

Furby Attack

Have you ever seen a Furby on a plane?
Actually, let's start with a better question; do you know what a Furby is? Well if you don't, it's a toy that makes all these different noise (it sneezes, snores, says it name and many other things if I can recall). And the best part about them, they can communicate with other Furby's. It looks, like the one thing in the photo that you don't recognise.  And that is a Furby. I loved my Furby, looking back, wow they were annoying.
So, back to the first question; have you ever seen a Furby on a plane? Well I haven't, and I have been on a fair few planes. So some airline (I can't remember which) thinks it's necessary to include it in their safety card, admist radio, phones and what almost looks like a microwave. Maybe, when Furby's where more popular (I haven't seen one for years), it was more of a nuisance. Though Furby's really, were quite a nuisane; the only way to shut them up was take the batteries out (never, never get your child a Furby if you want sleep, and especially not two!).
Back to the plane; I can imagine after a serious crash the pilot pronouncing the cause. Let's set the scene. Hundreds of people watching, a serious but calm expression on the pilot's face. Cameras in every corner. They open their mouth to speak; "It was a Furby." Are these cuddly cute toys really dangerous. Well airlines say yes. I agree, they can easily annoy you till the cows come home.
So really, next time you're on a plane, don't forget tp put that Furby in your luggage and not your carry on. Or better yet, how about accidentally lose it in transit.

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