Friday, 10 February 2012


I have been flicking through the different blogs here and it has surprised me by what I found. I wonder now why it surprised me, but still the diversity did. There were ones for travellers, for writes, to churches, to photographers.
But the one that amazed me the most, was the incredible amount for family's. A blog dedicated to the ups and down of raising rambunctious children. And the more I saw, the more I wondered. Why? Is is that these people wish to display their family, for friends just or the passing world? Do their wish for the world to know their child's wants? That makes me think, if I had a child, I would not want to parade them across the internet, sharing unfortunate information about them that may end up in the wrong hands. Another thing I wondered, was that whilst. one women at least, only got 4 to 5 hours sleep at a time, was still managing to find time to post photos with explanations? Do they find it as an escape, to dive into words of the world they just left? Or does it bring them pride of a kind?
Again, I must apologise if what I say seems rude. I do not think bad of these people, I think them quite courageous to continue, and still find the time.
I just, in many things, wonder why. I will always be wondering why. There will be a why for everything.
And that makes me ask the question; Why am I doing this?

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