Saturday, 11 February 2012

Swinging Minds

A thousand thoughts flashed through my head as my heart raced wildly. The pause had not been noticed a split second all it taking for my mind to be made.
How many times have you read something like that in a book, where all these thoughts go through a person's mind and then only a second has passed? I know I've read it quite a few times, and also never really believed that so many things could be thought so quickly. But now, I'm starting to think about it again.
Just minutes ago I did the wonderfully smart thing and started swinging on my chair, only to have it topple over, taking me with it. But there was a moment, 3 seconds I would say, where I was balancing, realising that I was about the fall. And the number of thoughts that went through my head... I am falling. What do I do? Can I stop myself? Will I crack my head open? Will I break something? What can I hold onto? Why am I even falling in the first place? What's the best way to break my fall?... And that was when I fell. All these thoughts went through my head in 3 seconds. It's odd the amount of things you think of in such a short amount of time. And yet whilst I asked the questions, I didn't give myself any of the answers. So next time I read that in a book, I'm gonna believe it.
And the moral of this story is; don't swing on chairs.

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