Friday, 10 February 2012


I came across an odd thing today, which I feel I shall share. I do not know why, at this moment it only poses interest to me, and I still recall myself saying I would not share true experiences. (I am sorry but I believe I should take that statement back. I shall share true experiences, but not trivial ones). Saying that, this is quite trivial indeed, but still I will continue to say it.
I had in my hand today, a fresh bottle of water. Not cold. but not used before, still holding the original contents. Usually, I do not drink from such bottles, it is easier to fill an old one up with the tap. But here I had this bottle. And I began to drink from it, and there was something so incredibly different about it. Not just the taste, for there was a distinct taste though tap water seems to present none. But the feeling of it. It was thicker. Now I know this probably seems absurd, how can water have a feeling. But that is the only way I can describe it, it is thicker. I know a person who goes often to New Zealand, and they insist the water is softer there. I am still unsure of whether I agree.
But it is odd the differences of water hold, when still it is all just water. It's trivial though, water is water. And either way, whether it's from New Zealand or Africa, people still thrive from it, and we should be happy that we have it at our luxury.

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