Saturday, 11 February 2012

What you see on a Twilight walk

Barely an hour ago I was walking through the streets. Night was coming, almost here, but the street lights made the path clear anyway. And sitting there, on the corner by a fenced off area (that still holds no purpose) was sitting a homeless man. He didn't look up as me and my companions passed, and after him being pointed out, our conversations returned to other matters. It was all too simple to just walk past him. Every time I have seen him, with some other person with me, they have pointed him out. He is a regular in my neighbourhood. I do wonder if others have given him a name; 'Oh look, there goes George again.' Right now, I have a great curiosity to find out what his name actually may be. But if I said to my neighbour 'I saw that homeless man last night' they would know exactly who I mean, and I can imagine them not caring one bit. It does not conern them, and really neither us of would have any more to say than an acknowledging nod.
Another thing I was curious to know, was why he choose here, this neighbourhood where he has little to gain, to live. Does he wish to grow further in life? I wonder much about him know, how he came to be there, how long he will be there? So many things, and all I shall never find out.
It did get me thinking though, what would it be like to be homeless? And I do see some advantages in it. Would not it be nice to be able to throw away all the worries that society has placed on us? Work? Education? Taxes? Family? For some, it would be nice to show away the latter, for others it would be the worst imaginable point of life. It seems in a terrible way, wonderful. To be able to forget it all. But really, there are times when people, including myself, only think about the good so they don't have to worry about the bad.
When you walk past a homeless person, sitting on the street, there is always a horrible urge to stare. Their heads bent, their body's slouched, and it's almost like that is permission to glare at them, because they will not look up at you. And so why is it, that you stare? Because they are different? That at this time, is the only reason I can find. It is the same reason that you stare at a person with only one arm. But it is human nature to wonder about different things. Is not it the same as reading but with sight? We are taught to learn, and so we learn by looking, by staring. That though, like most things here, is just my opinion, and my opinion is not your opinion. Another life lesson there?
Well out of all of this, there is something that can be suggested; give to the poor cause the poor can't give to themselves.
But do what you may.

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