Friday, 10 February 2012

Analyse this

When a poet writes a poem, do you think they are thinking of the people out there that will one day tears apart every little word, taking their stories as a reflection on their life, trying to discover a secret?
Well I must say now, that I have never done that, and really, I hope that I never will. But why, why do we analyse these thing, what is it we hope to gain? Is it that we want to know more about their lives, and then so, we presume that because their writing is of a depressing nature, they were going through a difficult stage in their life. It is an easy presumption to make, maybe right, maybe wrong. but really, why does it matter if we know about their lives. What does it all come down to? The point of a story is so someone cane sit down and read it and enjoy Not pick apart each sylablle. Do we do it, because we want to know their secret to success? To know what makes their writing so good? Well I will tell you, it is good because many people enjoy it, and that is the simple answer. Do people want to copy these masterpieces? Maybe, but will picking it apart for years really bring that forward.
I still do not understand why we analyse things. I recall once, watching a video on an author, who is quite very famous (and not living to this date either), and in  this video there was a team, who picked apart their stories. They did everything they could, found common words, looked at history. And not once in this video said why they were actually doing it?
Will it help us go further in life? Most likely not. Is it fun to sit and analyse something for hours? For those who are forced, most likely not?
So, tell me, why do we do it?  Is it because we want to know why?

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