Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

One place that we had to make a trip to whilst in London, was the Harry Potter studios. Now I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fanatic but how can you not go to a place that has the clothes Daniel Radcliffe once wore (sigh). And even if you don't care for the costumes there's plenty of stuff to be interested in. Such as; the Great Hall, the invisibility cloak, butterbeer, chess pieces, Hogwarts entrance gates, Privet Drive, Dobby and creepy looking models of all the people. These are just a few particular things that I liked, but there is plenty more. On the topic of plenty more, I have photos of pretty much everything there was and I'm happy to put up any more (though I'm sure you could Google what you want to see anyway), but if there's any photos of anything you want to see, tell me. Like always, there was one thing that particularly amazed me. I had heard about it, and I had expected something pretty small, but then I walked in saw this; This is what was used for all the long shots and stuff of Hogwarts. It's 15 metres long, which is 50 feet and it is big. It makes you wish someone could give you a shrinking potion and you could go and live in it. And to finish it all off, there was the gift shop, which always makes you wish you had a money making spell. All in all, what more can I say than it was a truly magical day.

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