Monday, 29 July 2013

And What Did I Do?

Now like every good dedicated reader of this blog (I mock myself here), I'm sure you're asking what I actually did on my nice holiday. And even if you're not, everyone likes to blab on about their holidays. They always to give you advice on where to go and they talk on and on and you just want to shout at them to actually leave something for you to see. That is why, instead of talking my whole holiday off, I shall write it and you can choose what you read. Now to begin, Austria is a good place to start, even though it was the third country I went to. But what is going to Austria without a big pretzel, a giant beer and a Sound of Music bike tour. The hills are alive with the sound of... veering bicycles, out of tune singing, shameless middle aged women, and frantically moving feet trying to work off all those pretzels. But I'm sure everyone had fun, even I did. There was the option of doing a bus tour or a bicycle one and my piece of advice (because every traveller has their fair share of advice), go for the bikes. Whereas on the bus tour you just drive past places, on the bikes you can stop, and take photos, and sing a few more do a deers. But you gotta be keen to do either I'd say, you gotta be prepared to either hide your face in your basket, or sing your lungs out. And you can't pretend you don't know the words, they give you them. Considering that was the only reason we passed through Austria, I have little more to say. I'm not about to give you my whole itinerary, I don't it's much cared for. And that was my trip to Austria, the condensed version, for reading in a snap.

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