Monday, 23 December 2013



Something  I said to an online friend lately got me thinking.  There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those who like coffee, and those who don’t.  Coffee is really not a take it or leave it kind of thing like softdrinks or lemonade.  I like my coffee.  All kinds of it.  My favourite is strong and dark, and just hot enough not to burn my tongue, with just enough cream to take the bite out of it.  I can drink any and all sorts of coffee, but I do have my preferred brands.  Sometimes I just like to change it up a bit and have a cappuccino or a Turkish coffee.  When it’s a change it up kind of thing, it’s not that I like one over the other, but that sometimes different is just good. 

But the thing is about coffee, without it, I am a bitch.  I am moody, have headaches, am out of sorts, and not at all myself.  At those times, just about any coffee  will do, weak, bitter, two day old, or the dreaded instant coffee.

There is such a thing as bad coffee, but the only thing worse than bad coffee is none at all.



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