Thursday, 19 December 2013

Across The Crystal Crimson Sands

Across The Crystal Crimson Sands

Across the crystal crimson sands

a shadow bends to pray,

another soldier clings to life

but gives his life today.

through the haze of smoke and screams

he listens to their pleas,

with bloody hand upon his heart

he bows upon his knees.

He looks the soldier in the eyes

but death is all he sees,

still he prays, his faith is strong

will this hatred ever cease?

Someone lost their father

their brother and their son,

to the mercy of their country

whom handed him the gun.

What's left for him to fight for

how much more will it take,

the fear of death consumes him

he knows his souls at stake.

Many shadows walk the sands

of tears and crimson red,

each one bowed upon their knees

another soldier's dead.

Under the stone of marble

beneath the mound of clay,

a brave and courageous soldier

slowly fades away.

Tomorrow he'll be forgotten

as another takes his place,

a shadow soon shall mourn for him

his soul he will embrace.

Across the crystal crimson sands

silence falls upon the dead,

this battle has finally ended

its remains of bone and lead.


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