Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Yes, I did choose the biggest picture; why? It's pretty. That's all, no other reason needed.
So, if it's not obvious by the oversized picture, I am doing NaNoWriMo this year (right place to put all the capitals?). I had a failed attempt last year (and to not have to admit how much I didn't do let's just say that I did under 10%- now you all have to figure it out; I'm sure the maths will stop the truth coming out). However, this year I'm determined, and I'm not tackling anything as complicated as I tried to do last year; I couldn't even figure out all the links I was trying to make in everything as I tried to get around writing a novel, that wasn't one straight story.
This year I'm doing short stories, I by no means am a novelist, and I doubt I'll ever be one. But all the short stories are linked, in a somewhat easy way. One word taken from the last sentence of a story is the prompt for the next story. That's my way to get around writing a novel that isn't the normal straight novel. The best thing about it is that even if I don't get to 50,000 words, I can end it practically wherever I want- perhaps there could be a novella on the way instead.
I've found that I get most of my writing done whilst on the bus, or in coffee shops, on paper. Which does mean typing it up later (which makes me have some vain hope that I've written more words than I have). There's something enjoyable about handwriting, even when it's only done because there's no computer handy. I feel like I can write whatever I want, even though it's harder to erase from paper than a computer. But really, whether you're writing on your brother's back or in space, as long as you're writing, it's good.
To anyone else doing Nanowrimo, good luck. 1667 words a day seems like nothing until you start. And then miss a day, and then the next, and then you've got 40,000 words and two days left. Good luck.
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