Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Choices, Decisions, Options and any other word to mean the same thing

I could start this by stating that there are many decisions in one's everyday life. It's true really, but it's not everyday you have to come by a decision that really matters. In the end, when you're lying on your deathbed you're not going to remember whether you bought the two-inch or the three-inch heels, or if you had cheese or paid that extra dollar for beetroot. Pretty much likely you won't remember reading this, and I probably won't remember writing this. But then there comes the big decisions. There's living locations, careers, the people around you, those type of things, the biggies.
And then now it comes to my decision. A decision which I've been thinking over for the past couple of years, and have given many 'I don't knows' to the people who've asked. It's what I feel like everything has been leading up to, though I know it's not. And so, I do not know what to pick. I have my two options. One is what I always thought I was going to do. It was what, three years ago I felt I wanted to do, when I didn't understand things at all. But three years I didn't have to make this decision. And I still want to doing, partly. It's something I want to do because I've always wanted to do it. It's not a risk, I know I'll enjoy it and I'll be happy with it. And then there's the second decision. It's the one that if someone two years ago said I should consider it, I would laugh at them and wonder why they even bothered talking to me. But no one would say that to me, because no one would expect it off me. The basics of it started off as a, this might be a nice thing to try but there's better. And then it moved to an enjoyment of it. Then a fascination. And now, this. It's a risk, I don't actually think I'll be any good at it. But I think I'll enjoy it. And if I take that decision it means leaving here, and going off yonder.
So here's my question to you; which would you take, would you do what you know you'll enjoy, or would you take a risk for something that you might love?

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