Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Track Pants and Make-up

What sometimes amazes me is the things people, preferably girls, choose to wear out of the house. Sometimes close to nothing, other times you wonder if they owned a mirror or just used a photo of themselves from ten years ago to judge how they look. Now I want to seem patronizing, but the one thing that I can't get my head around is track pants. Not the track pants that actually look like you're about to go for a run, but the track pants that are baggy, faded and in my opinion, shouldn't go past the front fence. And then some decide to top it off with ugg boots. But what really amazes me, is that these girls demand that their faces be covered with power and gloss. It's like they spend so long on their faces, that they don't have any time to care about the rest of themselves. I wonder if they've realised that their body is fives times as big as their head (heightwise okay). I don't want to say that they look shoddy, but put together, it just makes me wonder. How can someone, who must obivously care about how they look, care so little about going out in clothes that look rundown? Either that or they think they look cool and I'm sure to their friends they do. But in the end, track pants is okay as long as you feel okay, but you don't need make up. If you have the confidence to wear track pants, you should have the confidence to show your face for the beauty it is. To me they don't, but hey, I'm just one person. So in my opinion, you can wear whatever you want, but if you wear track pants and ugg boots out, then you don't need make up.    


  1. I see people do that /all/ the time. It bothers me. O:

  2. There's just something about it. Thanks for reading.