Friday, 4 May 2012

Worlds Apart

I was once lucky enough to go to Hong Kong, it's a wonderful country, it truly is. There was one moment though, that stood out amongst the rest.
I was on a bus, travelling where I can't remember. But on one side, there were, well I couldn't make out what they were at first. It was all this stuff, put together; wood, cardboard, all of that. And then someone announced them as slums. People lived in what I saw as hovels. It was dirty, I wonder how waterproof they were. I couldn't imagine spending a day in them. And then, on the otherside of the road, apartments rising high, neat on the facade. And, as is, McDonalds.
On one side of the road there was poverty, and on the other wealth. Just a road apart, yet so different. Two different worlds. And really, in both of them, is just people.
Until then I didn't realise how close different worlds could be. I always imagined them to be separated, nowhere near each other. But they were, and they still are.

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